Coke Makes Me Broke

Druggy Porn
I have to be a crazy fucking whore because nabbing up all this coke turns me into a broke bitch real quick! But, the coke keeps my cunt juices greasing up my inner thighs and I get to stay high all the time, so what’s the fucking problem? I love taking cock anyway! I was just a young girl when my Momma started whoring me around with her in the truck stop lots at night.

Yeah, I was young but I think that turned the men on more. That’s where I learned my love of that sweet powder that stung like a hornet and shot me right into dream land. I’m a junkie whore, and it’s a fucking fact that I’ll do absolutely anything for my fix. The truth is I’ll take two cocks at a time in each of my fuck holes if it means I can soar the fucking skies.

Gape me out and use me like the slut I am, make my holes nice and drippy. Fill me up with as many steaming cum loads as you like as long as it means I get to do another fucking bump off of your cock. Anything to get high, and absolutely anything to get stuffed by dirty trucker fuck cock.

Gangbang Whore

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