Cocaine Fest

druggy phone sex

Have you ever done cocaine?  Oh my God, it is the most amazing feeling especially when you do cocaine and then have a gang bang.  My best friend Trina and I love going to swinger’s clubs after we’ve done a few lines of coke.  We get so wasted before we go, and the night goes on and on.  My goal is to fuck at least 3 new guys when I go to the clubs, that’s just the kind of twisted slut I am.  Trina and I were making out on a sofa and I was feeling up her tits.  She and I were rubbing our wets cunts together, getting pretty fuckin’ hot when this big biker dude comes up behind me, pulls me off Trina, pushes me up against the wall and just starts fucking me.  A couple of his friends asked to join in, to which he carried me back to the sofa, sat down with me on his cock and one of his friends started fucking me in the ass.  The next thing I know I’m being passed around like a fuckin’ bread basket.  God, I love being used like the fuckin’ skank I am.  It was a fuckin’ awesome night.

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