Carmel’s On Tonight

phone sex sluts I want to tell you about what happened the other night. I was out on the town with friends and I had on a very short skirt and heels. Hair and makeup done perfectly. Me and my friend got really drunk and we’re feeling just a little bit careless. We were stumbling home on the street and we were so drunk that we were not making very judgmental choices. A car pulled up and we saw two guys looking real handsome from the front seat or maybe it was the beer goggles. Anyway, they offered us a ride so we got in one thing led to another. Ended up getting a hotel together and we’re going to party. They got some cocaine and next thing we knew we were snorting lines and sucking dick. Me and my friend alternated between the two guys. We were sucking both their cocks off at the same time. It was like a wild orgy party.

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