Carmel to the stage

phone sex line carmelAs I walk across the stage I can feel the heat coming from all the dicks in the room. Laughing inside my head because I know this gives a nasty bitch like me motivation. I’m known for my raunchy untamed hardcore style. The guys love my private x-rated shows, lap dances, and extras. Mmmm yes this trashy cum eating hoe is bad. Here I am dipping it low, winding it up slow, swirling around that pole like super woman. I love making the fuck boys go crazy! I know its really on when the money starts raining and pouring on the stage. I make these muthafuckas feel the truth. I show the bitches how to make their man say ahhhhhh. No heels, No shirt, No Skirt only my smooth Carmel skin. By the end of the night I’m every mans dream. Then this cutie caught my eye. This sexy hazel eyed white nigga. So I crawled to him and start twerking this ass up and down and all around in circles. I was showing him what this show stopping pussy can do. I seen it in his eyes to him I was his gymnast. I whispered to him I hope you are ready. The he whispered he wanted me and he got plans for a private show. I Said, You do? The I grind and said don’t worry Imma handle business like a big girl should. He said see you in 10 mins. I said ok pa. I finished the rest of my show and got off stage to freshen up and change for the private show. Mmmm something about that sexy white boy makes me wanna go hard. So I’m going to put on the hottest shit. So I walk in the private room with my fish nets and red bottom heels with a spiked collar around my neck. He said, damn Carmel you soft like butter baby come here. I laughed and set on his lap and asked are you ready for this magic show? Cause I’m definitely about to put the voodoo down. So I told him to whip his dick out! He did it. I started rolling around teasing him. Popping that pussy and i split. Got up started making my ass cheeks clap. He starting whacking that big white dick he had. I walk to him and said I’m going to knock that dick down. I grabbed his dick started slobbing it down making it sloppy wet, yes I was slurping that dick making it touch the back of my throat. Hell yea I was going for the gold. I felt his legs start to tremble. I knew I was blowing his fucking mind. When that dick was harder than a brick I got up and bent over putting his dick between my ass cheeks. I said I know you wanna fuck this pretty yellow ass of mine.. He got up took control and spread my pound cake and fell right in. Yea he fuck me hard and I was loving every min of it. He moaned O Carmel I love a nasty ghetto bitch like you. I said Yea nigga I know you do. Then I pull his cock out my asshole, pushed him down and jagged all of his cream cum all over my face and and tongue. This bitch loves to feed those white seeds so come feed me.

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