Carmel Is So Delicious





black stripper sex

I suck dick all night in high heels. Let me tell you what happened the other night at the strip club. I was in the dressing room about to leave for the night when security guard came into the back. There’s a man that wants to talk to you caramel’ he said. ‘I’ll be right out give me a moment ‘I said. I put my heels back on in walked back to the bar. There was a well-dressed man sitting there with a drink. I’d like to get a private dance with you he said. with a sparkle in his eye. ‘How much money does it take to get you out your clothes he said sneakily. I gave him my hand and we headed to the back. He gave me enough money to pay about two months rent. So I put on a show for him. deepthroated and gagging on his cock. I rode on his dick with no condom. I was bouncing up and down on him until he busted a nut. I make them cum quick cuz this pussy too good.

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