Carmel Gets Propositioned

black stripper sexEveryone knows I fuck for money. I’m a prostitute with some clientele that I fuck regularly. But this week I came across a new customer I had never had before. I was standing on the corner in a bad neighborhood. with a trashy outfit on. a car pulled up. would you like to make it offer. I saw a man roll down the window and ask. “how much do you usually charge for the pussy”. About a months worth of rent I said laughing. “I’m going to take you to the fanciest hotel in town”. I was so excited I was going to the classy motels. I did some really freaky stuff. I let him fuck me in my ass and my pussy. I let him bring some of his horny friends over and they all got to take turns fucking me. Cause daddy got me fancy hotel I put on a show. You know you got show out for your high paying customers.

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