Brothel babe

anal sex whoreOne thing I love about Vegas is all the hooking I can do without breaking any rules. Coke comes easy and cash to spend on some more party favors does too, There is never a shortage. Everyday being a brothel whore isn’t the same. All types of adventures happen and things you won’t believe are presented in your face. When I was super young I escaped home and ended up working in a brothel. The party scene was everything I needed and more.My holes were stuffed for the right price and like my clients would say I was the perfect anal sex whore. One day things got a little tricky. The reason I left home was right in front of my face. My gross step dad was visiting and he picked me to make his night. As much as my stomach turned thinking about the cash and cum quickly had me saying yes. I was taking my stepdads cock in a whore house. All for the right price. Toe be a nasty whore you have to put your body out there for all the perks of drug sex and alcohol. I was one nasty party slut getting every buck to get my high. I could see why my mom stayed with this tool. His rod was huge and he could shoot large loads.

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