Piss Enema

Dirty phone sex

Our toilet play phone sex was so messy yesterday! You started with taking a huge shit in my mouth and stuffing my mouth full. I swished it around and let it seep through my teeth. I rubbed it on my lips making a pretty shit lipstick for you to kiss and rub your cock on. You fucked my mouth, full of your hot steamy scat. Then you had me ride you. Getting all that shit, mixed with my saliva, deep in my cunt. Then I asked for an enema! I sat my asshole on top of your cock, let you slide in, and begged you to piss deep in me. It felt like an extra large load of hot cum filling up my asshole and before I knew it, my loose stool was gushing out of me and on to your crappy fuck stick. Oh baby it was so fucking hot. You loved seeing my huge load of shit gush out on your cock, didn’t you? I can’t wait to taste you again.

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