Book Of Hot Whores – Trailer Trash Tara

Trailer trash whore


I just made the biggest trailer trash whore in the park part of my team of paid pussy slingers!  Tara was born in the court and would probably die here too If I weren’t around to professionalize her perfect little pussy and always open asshole.  She lives by the train track that cuts right through the park so Tara’s been taking transient cock and strange fuck sticks for a long time now.

Hobos and wanderlusters know that if they need to get a skanky piece of ass while they’re in the south, they need to hop off the line at “Le Crete Chateau” trailer park and head to lot 102.  Tara takes care of their dirty dicks for pretty much anything they give her, trading her tiny, tight hershey hole for whatever trifle and trinkets those twisted travelers have in their dusty pockets.  She even has a giant collection of lint that she took in return for letting who knows how many dirty drifters bust a nut deep in her filthy backdoor fuck hole.  Says it’ll be useful if she ever needs to start a fire.  

She isn’t the brightest tool in the pack so it took a good deal of speaking monosyllabicly to get her to understand that with the cash she could charge for all of the anal action she gets that she could pay for fire and would never have to worry about being able to cook or stay warm again.  Once I got through to her and explained how I take my cut and that I would not be happy with a handful of fluff for payment, she got to it and has been raking in cool cash for her hot ass ever since.

Now if any hobos want to hump her ever-ready chocolate fuck factory she makes sure that they aren’t trying to buy her butt with a can of baked beans or one, left footed Army boot or whatever the hell else they used to use for bartering.  They have to have at least a little cash to get their crusty cocks inside of Trailer Trash Tara’s newly incorporated ass.  


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    Lett me hit that pussy slinger slut up with my seed rod

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