Bloody Cunt Althea

Period Phone SexI love getting my pussy fucked while I am on the rag. It is nothing more pleasing than period phone sex. I am already a dirty black whore. So fucking this dirty black bloody cunt makes the sex even more intense. Working at the strip club the Dj’s brother is a doctor. He has a thing for black bloody pussy. Needless to say he invited me over and when I told him I was on the rag he said that is even better. He would make it worth my while he said. I got over to his house that night and he has beautiful condo in downtown where all the rich folks are. I was speechless. Fast forward to our night I ended up on the bed with my legs spread wide open. Blood every where. He did not care one bit. He even made sure his sheets were white so that he could see every last drop of blood coming out of my pussy. It felt so good and warm when he had his dick inside of me fucking me and blood kept gushing out. When he went down to eat my pussy with blood covering his lips I just had to grab his face and kiss him. I was completely turned on. A man that likes blood and is willing to fuck a pussy while on her period shows that he has a lot of compassion. Either that or  he just a nasty mothafucker. Either way I am Game! I have to fuck and get my pussy ate every time I am on my period and that is final! 




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