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I’m a blonde fucking whore and last night I went on a fuck filled cumstravaganza.  I felt extra whorish after bleaching my hair so I threw on a short ass skirt and some fishnets with a hole in the crotch for easy pussy access then took my happy ass down to the adult bookstore.  I knew there would be plenty of sleazy cocks looking to get sucked and fucked by a trashy blonde who is hungry for jizz and a good hard pounding in all my fun holes.  I headed straight back to the porn arcade, grabbed the first guy I saw and shoved him into one of the booths.  I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick, slurping loudly up and down his shaft.  We attracted some not so unwanted attention and, before I knew it, I was gulping down and getting railed by about a dozen dirty dongs. It got to where I couldn’t count how many pricks were surrounding me, stretching me out and stuffing my holes full.   I just took load after load of hot horn dog cum wherever they wanted to put it.


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