Blazing up

Druggy phone sex

It’s the weekend and I have to get my fix. I’m hanging out with some people at the bar and I run into this guy.  I knew him from before but he had went away for some years.  I thought he may have been dead.  We use to get high together and sometimes boost from store so we could cop a few rocks.  He brought me a drink and I knew it was him.  He looked fine as fuck too.  He had been in jail and he was fresh out is why he was gone.  He said he had a few on him and he knew I like to party.  We left the bar and went to my house.  He lit up the pipe we both took a few hits of crack.  Man this shit was some of the best I ever I had.  I got horny and his dick was as hard as a roll of quarters.  He fucked my face for like the better part of thirty minutes.  I sat my little ass on that thick white rocket of a cock he had and rode him for an hour.  Lick suck and fuck as well as hit the pipe is what we did all night long.   I was ready for a good long fuck like this and this crack was everything to me.  He said this was the best part of coming home is blazing the pipe with me.

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