Sex On The Beach


 Anal Cum Dumpster
I got wasted on the boardwalk and was looking for some strange dick. You and your boys picked up on my slut-walk pretty quickly and introduced yourselves with a huge sack of blow and a flask of vodka. I blindly followed you guys and hoped for the best. I was going to get some dick and that’s all that really matters, right? By the time we made it to the spot, you guys grabbed me and tore my clothes off. “You’re going to be our toy for the night, cunt!”
Your words made my pussy drip. I think you expected me to be scared but in reality I was so down to have sand and jizz so far up my cunt that my new nickname for myself will now be “sandy clam” – it’s crazy how much a druggy slut like me loves getting nasty, isn’t it? You and your friends take turns digging my pussy out with your cocks while I get force fed dicks in my mouth. You guys finish me off and leave me in total pleasure and bliss. I stupidly told you where my hotel is too- are you and your boys going to stop by to have some more fun?

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