Black Stripper Sex w/ Carmel Is Hot

Black Stripper Sex

White boys love to have Black stripper sex with a hot attention whore slut like me. They want some of this black pussy and I don’t blame them. I’m a fine piece of trash that craves cum. I’m a cum addicted whore and think about it. The contrast of a thick white load of creamy jism plastering these big brown nipples and my black girl cunt. It’s fucking awesome. I love the feel of cum, the taste of semen and the view of it spurting out all over my trashy whore body. I love a good facial and when I am gobbling down that dick I expect to get a thick warm goo oozing down my throat. I honestly can’t be bothered by small dicks though, let me get that out there. I will fuck a white dick, suck it, let them jerk off on me and all, but if that bitch ain’t long, thick or full of ridges then I certainly will be bored. But money is money so I will fuck anything as long as the green is good and the cum does flow. Little pathetic watery loads don’t excite me, I like those gooey strands of jism.

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