Biker Gang BBC


sexy prostitutesThere is going to be an initiation tonight! A well-known biker gang is coming to the club to spend lots of money on me and the drugs will be flowing just like my pussy in the back room.  At least 12 big black bikers are going to pull train on me and the new member gets to be last! I am going to be so sore in the morning. They all show up as I am doing my last set and are escorted into my sleazy back room. I am clad in only my G-string as I am pilled roughly inside. My mouth is assaulted by beer breath as my ass and tits are groped. I am flung to the floor. I can already tell by the stench of alcohol and weed that this is going to be fun.  My panties are ripped off as the leader, who has a nice 9-inch cock pulls me by the hair and forces that monster down my throat. He yells to get some blow railed out for us to his boys. I gulp and swallow that cock with tears running down my face. He lasts a few minutes pulls out and spurts my face. The new guy is made to lick his cum off my face. It is then I notice the fattest bulge I ever saw on this dude. I love new big black cock! I am let to have a line and then spread out on the table my ass facing up.  I get a cock in the mouth one shoved in my pussy and another lubed by only spit in my ass.  I love these guys tearing me apart with the biggest blackest cocks in town.  One after another cum in my holes and mouth. AT last the new guy unzips his pants and it is then I see his 12 inches hard as a rock. He waste no time and spreading my pussy lips and tearing apart my trashy little ass. I am fed coke off the leaders cock. I am fucked like a rag doll by the huge BBC.  I won’t be able to walk in the morning but the money and blow make it all worth it.  Big Dick Sucker

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