Big Dick Sucker Mommy At Trunk Or Treat

Big dick Sucker

Your big dick sucker whore had an all-out fireman gangbang at my daughters trunk or treat last night. We were all dressed up as little slutty fire girls. In skintight outfits with our camel toes showing. Now I had a little too much coke before we left, and I was so horny that my leotard was wet in the crotch. I felt like I had pissed myself. My nipples were on display and her cunny and nubbie tits were very visible. It didn’t help that the local fire department was there handing out candy and letting the brats play on the fire truck. Those hunks took one look at me and her and all five of those firemen disappeared inside the church with me and my brat. I was on my knees sucking a round of big cocks while my daughter played with her pussy for us. I was covered in cum and had to go buy my brat candy and a happy meal on the way home. Momma Hadley had her happy meal of big cock already!

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