Big Dick Sucker Lessons on Some Dirty Talking Lines

big dick sucker bevI’m a big dick sucker. I taught my daughter how to be one too, just like my mother taught me. I guess you could say I have some dirty talking lines for phone sex. I love talking about all sorts of non vanilla topics like drugs, incest, gangbangs, toilet play, four legged friends, breeding sex, cum eating… I guess you get the picture? Want to know how I taught my daughter to suck a big dick? I used our four legged friend. He was a big beast so he had a big dick for a little girl. She loved him, so it was easy to get her to do it. I was high as kite that day, so that may have added to my choice of cock for her first head lesson. She complained at first that it was slimy. But once she realized Thor loved it, she sucked harder and faster. Her brother busted us. I thought for sure he would be disgusted with us both, but quite the opposite. He was so turned on he started stroking his dick watching.

some dirty talking linesI wasn’t going to be the only girl without dick in her mouth, so I sucked my son off while my daughter toyed with Thor. Thor locked his red rocket in her mouth and thrust like a beast until he came.  I was so proud of my little whore; she swallowed  his nasty spunk like a dirty old cougar. Like her mamma actually! My son jet blasted his load in my mouth watching his sister take spooge from the family beast. My daughter and I made out, swapping our loads of cum. My son got hard again and decided to give his sister his big bone in her ass. Well he was humping her like an animal, so Thor got jealous. I smeared a little peanut butter on my ass so he could lick me to a hard cum. As his reward, he got a pat on the head and the chance to shove his red rocket inside my puss. He hooked that barbed fuck stick in me until he busted his nut too. It was a fun for the whole family kind of day, white trash style.

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