Big Dick Sucker in Miami

big dick suckerWhen you are a proud big dick sucker, you love a good challenge. I went with a friend to Miami over the weekend. It is much warmer there. We had an all expense paid weekend. There was a catch. We had to blow bang 100 guys. I have sucked a lot of cock in my life, but never that many in a day. That is more cock than porn stars swallow. This college boy was making his own porn movie. He wants into the business but doesn’t have an “in.” He thinks if he makes his own MILFs gone wild kind of film, he can make it a viral sensation and it will get his foot in the door. I didn’t care if it was for his own spank bank. I was down for a free trip to Miami and cock. My girlfriend saw the casting call first and shared it with me. We both got hired. He will never meet a trashy MILF like me again.

The pay wasn’t great, but we didn’t care about the money. It was a challenge for us to see how much cock we could suck, and it was Miami. We packed nothing but bikinis and flew to southern Florida. We were put up in a decent hotel. We were given all the party supplies we could want. We got fucking high and went to meet our co-stars. One hundred men whom I will never meet again. They ranged in age from 18-50. There were black, white and Latino guys to blow. My friend and I were side by side at the pool. We had knee pads on because we would be in that position for a while. Fifty men for each of us to blow then they switched sides so we each blew 100 men. It was a contest. I won. I finished 100 men before her. Plus, I never puked from all the cum. Once back in the room, I passed out. I guess all that cum lulled me to sleep. This trailer trash whore proved she was the best biggest dick sucker. If I can blow 100 guys in a day, I wonder how many I can fuck?

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