Big dick sucker Hadley shows off her skills

Big dick suckerBeing a Big Dick sucker has gotten me far in life. 

Working the corner I find you looking for the best blowjob. My reputation precedes me tonight! I get in the car and we drive to a nearby no-tell motel. As soon as we are inside the room, you throw me on the bed and we start kissing hungrily. Your blonde bimbo feels your rock-hard dick pressing against My belly! There is no time to wait to taste your magnificent cock!

Now is my chance to show you what a good girl I can be slobbering your cock down my gullet! 

I push you back on the bed and get on my knees in front of that donkey dick.  Looking into your eyes with a seductive smile slowly unzipping. Oh! How that cock springs out and My eyes go wide! 

Big dick sucker Hadley is greedily unzipping your jeans and getting to that big prize! 

 Imagine your hot hooker bitch having her tongue lick from your balls to your cock head. Let me savor that length as I wrap my hand around your shaft! My mouth forms a suction cup that surrounds that fat cock head. With a groan you push that thickness into my throat and I show you what a good deepthroat blowjob whore I really am! “Suck my fat cock bitch! Choke on my fat meat! Do what you do best, worthless cum guzzling slut!” you berate me and that makes me gag all the better! 

Hookers give the best Sloppy and deep blowjobs! 

You keep pushing deeper until I can hardly breathe. Your thick load explodes in my throat and I can feel it running down my chin. I lick it up like a greedy whore.

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