Big dick sucker Hadley loves to give CBT for pay

Big dick sucker

The ultimate big dick sucker and CBT specialist for your cocks pain and pleasure. Men who hire men wan me to do the things that they cannot get partners to do for them. They may be ashamed, or just not want that woman to know they need cock and ball torture occasionally.  I am a proud hooker and shame is not even a thing with me at this point. I do all kinds of fucked up shit for pay.

 So when Richard asks if I would like to hurt his beautiful cock, I smile with glee. My Main man who needs his dick bitten and cut with my fingernails during a blow job knows I am ready! Many men use a hooker or some Freaky phone sex to get family jewel punishment. No not all men who enjoy CBT need my heels penetrating soft testicle skin. But those who do know that I am grateful to give back all the humiliation and agony I can.  

Be like Richard who has me choose three methods of cock and ball torture before our calls. I choose from a list of handy dandy household items for him to use on an edged-out cock. It really is a beautiful large cock, I almost feel bad for how it looks after our Taboo phonesex. I said almost! There is just something so satisfying as I dial up the vibrations on my lush and lead him into the dark shadow of cock and testicle pain.

Has he cried? On more than one occasion!

Has he begged me to stop after the throbbing soreness has set in? Of fucking course. Have I stopped? Hell fucking no!

He calls me because he set me up to hurt him ever so badly. If the first two steps have made him beg for me to stop, I still have one more. And I’m a nasty bitch who loves to finish what I started. He can stop anytime he wants to but by now I know just how much cock and ball torture he can take.


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