Big dick sucker for some tickets!

big dick sucker

I was listening to my favorite radio station when they announced they were giving away super bowl tickets to the sexist lady that came to the station. I got all ready in my daisy duke shorts my cow girl boots and a flannel top that exposed my breast’s and tummy. When I walked in to the station there was a huge line of women waiting anxiously to see if they were winners. There were two men who were judging the contest on the air so I took my top off and my shorts exposing my luscious tits and my tight ass hole as I bent over to fix the buckle on my boot. The two men gawked in disbelief as I stood naked before them unbuttoning their pants. I pulled out their hard cocks and began to stroke them hard and fast licking the head making sure there precum got all over my face! I was sucking their delicious cocks so good that they forgot they were on the radio so everyone could hear them moaning as I gave them the best fucking blow job of their life! On the radio all you could hear was the wet sound of there cocks going in and out of my mouth down into my throat, slurping and sipping all there delicious cum while they called me a dirty nasty whore! I guess the radio show was so good! That people called in telling them to fuck me in all my holes until they filled me up making me work for those Super Bowl tickets! It was worth it since who doesn’t like the Super Bowl?

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