Big Dick Sucker Beverly is Known as Ms. Hoover in Her Trailer Park

big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker. Black or white or brown, I do not care. The only thing I care about is that it is big. The rumor is that this bitch who lives on the right side of the tracks has a husband with a big dick. I crafted a plan. I went to high school with this snotty bitch. She is all Botoxed up with those big lips. She looks like an old Barbie doll. She is not nice. Every chance she gets she throws shade on social media. I mean we are not in high school anymore. At least, I am not. I am living my best life as a trailer trash whore. I have game though. I looked up her husband. Turns out he is her second husband and much younger than her. She is trying to turn back the clock on her face, but it is just making her look like a freak. I don’t care what she does to her face or body. I just care that she has some decades old resentment for me and is stirring up drama that doesn’t need stirred up. I seduced her husband. I thought he clearly likes older chicks, and almost all younger guys dig me. I am a blonde, busty whore who can suck the chrome off a doorknob. I am known in my trailer park as Ms. Hoover, LOL. That is because I suck better than a vacuum cleaner. It was easy to seduce her husband. I filmed it too. I did not necessarily want to send his world crashing down to get my revenge. He is a decent guy with a beautiful big cock. I thought about sending a picture of me blowing her husband, but I decided just knowing I was her boy toy husband’s trashy milf whore for a day was all the revenge I needed. I may have fucked him for the wrong reasons, but I will be getting more of his 9-inch cock for my pleasure in the future.

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