Big Dick Sucker and Lot Lizard Skank

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is what the truckers are calling me now. I got drunk last night, went down to the Loves and looked for trouble. It was a Sunday night, so the place was hopping. Everyone hangs out on Sundays before they start their new route on Monday. I got a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy and wandered around looking for some dick to suck. Big D was parked. I recognized his cab immediately. Before I could knock on the door, he poked his head out of the truck and hollered at me to come in. His big black dick was hanging out ready for my mouth. He gave me some coke. I swallowed some beer. Then I started head bobbing up and down his huge dick. He loves making me gag. I am an old trailer trash whore, but his fuck stick can make me gag, especially when he pushes my head all the way down his shaft. I love gagging on a big dick. He exploded in my mouth and I chased his cum shot with more beer. Before long other truckers were wanting to hang out in Big D’s cab to get high, drink and fuck this old whore. Just another fucking fun Sunday night for a lot lizard sex skank.

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