Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

I went to a local public restroom just to check out the view. I sat down in my chair and waited for a person to take their seat on the porcelain  throne. Once the guy sat down I whispered through the peep hole and told him to read the writing on the stall.

It read “ Ill do anything your mind can imagine with in this peep hole, let me make your wildest desires come true”. The stranger unzipped his pants and shoved his cock through the hole. So I decided to lick his cock up and down. The random guy loved his dick being licked and begged me to put the whole cock deep into my mouth.

I did what he commanded since I really love to suck cock, I began deep throating his dick making sure that I got it to leak delicious cum down my throat. I guess that is all he really wanted since he finished in my mouth and walked out with out really saying much.

Then suddenly another person walked into the stall and read the writing on the stall while he was peeing. He then turned around and whispered in the hole asking if there was anyone there. I giggled and told him yes. He shoved his hand into the hole and I gave him my wet sticky pussy. I guided his fingers into my hole and told him to finger fuck me. He was so good at touching me since he had huge thick fingers.

He maybe went ten minutes before he figured he would rather fuck me with his cock. I bent over so he could see that I was ready and waited for his dick to come through the hole. Once I felt his warm thick sticky mushroom head I began to fuck his cock.

There we were I was bending over fucking his cock while he stood as close to the wall as possible grunting. It only maybe took him three minutes before he busted his load deep into my wet pussy. Just like there first guy he zipped up his pants and ran out like a bat out of hell. I guess Ill just keep seeing what kinds of things I can do with all these men hoping I get all the cum I can get. 

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