Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

Have you ever craved a niggers cock? It’s so dark and deliciously huge! See I only go after 13 inches or bigger since I love me them foot longs! I have this guy friend coming over by the name of Talib and let’s say he really loves his white meat. He is everything I’m craving at the moment hard big dick and all. We have this routine where he has to get naked as soon as he steps into my home rush to my room where I am on all fours waiting to get my cunt fucked by this giant nigger dick.

As he runs towards me grabbing me with his giant hands bringing me closer to that giant head of his, I can’t help but scream in anticipation  waiting excitedly has he begins to spread my cunt lips with his massive cock. As I feel his shaft penetrating deeper and deeper in to my cunt hole he smiles at me since he can feel me oozing all of my sticky warm Precum  all over his dick  causing it  to slide down  to his balls since I am so turned on.

With in seconds I feel this huge cock stretching out  the inside of my pussy causing me to scream like a crazy bitch as he smacks my ass cheeks hard while at the same time wrapping my hair around his hands  pulling my hair fucken hard making me say that I love his nigger dick. As Talib continues to fuck my nasty dirty cunt with his nigger cock I feel my cunt hole become raw from being stretched  and pounded on like an animal. I then feel Talib hold my head down as he dumps his load all into my pussy. I can feel his hot thick slimy cum drip down my pussy down to my legs. Right when I think it’s over I am sadly mistaken since he decides to try anal. I begin to scream trying to free my self from his grip but I am to late.

I begin to scream in agony while his nigger cock tears my asshole open. As I lye down face down on the bed with my ass up I just hear his cock sliding I’n and out of my asshole his pelvis smacking my ass and the smell of cocoa butter and shit! I can feel a sharp pain in my ass hole as he continues to work it going faster and faster! My ass hole begins to feel raw and sore as he begins to moan and thrusting his hips deeper and deeper into my ass, filling my ass hole with his nigger juice. I guess it’s true once you go black you can’t walk

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