big dick sucker

big dick sucker

I found myself walking my pups today at the park. As I was admiring the beautiful day, a couple of married men caught my attention. They were all gathered and talking with rings on their fingers. I casually pass by and I overhear them talking about the shit their stupid wife’s won’t do in bed. That’s fucking stupid! I purposely poke my ass and tits out and do my sexy strut and immediately they double take. That’s my hint! I go ahead and create small talk and next thing I know we’re on the jungle gym while all four pound all of my holes. Two cocks in one of my holes that at 9 inches long and two creampieing my pussy and shit hole. I swear they are giving me whip lash with how hard they are fucking me. I’m deffentitly going to swap numbers with them after this that way they can fuck me the way they want and can’t fuck their wife’s. Im a Nasty kinky girl that will do everything their wife’s won’t.

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