Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

I love being a cock loving whore. I am at a dinner party. Real classy shit. Actually it’s an AA dinner party after having one of our meetings. I think of it like church. You confess your sins and then you leave to go and have some fucking with married men.

So we wet to our meeting and now we are getting high and drinking up. It is more like a drinking party. Anyways, I am on the ground in front of Bob and Andy their cocks are just waiting to be sucked into my throat. They each give me forty bucks and tell me to get sucking!

I open my whore mouth and they each have eleven inch cocks. I am in heaven. I start curling my tongue around those big huge cock heads and teasing that muscle under their cocks with my tongue. I make sure to make it super sloppy with my spit leaking all over their cocks. I even try and wedge their cocks both in my mouth at the same time.

I fuck them both harder and faster letting the tears and snot coat their cocks. I feel their loads cumming. Andy forces my throat all the way down on his cock and nutts, and then bob does the same thing. I just got like a pint of cum.

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