Beat Into Submission

stripper sex porn

I’m a slutty stripper that also tricks for a pimp for extra money so I’m usually getting high with Pimp Daddy or getting smacked around. I’ve been my Pimps down bitch aka main hoe for a while and I never thought it came with any benefits until last night! Daddy asked me to help him break in a new hoe before the weekend was over. I gladly accepted because I knew that the first rule of breaking a bitch is having her submit. I hadn’t dominated over someone in a very long time so I was nervous but the moment I saw her naked body curled up in the corner of the hotel room I knew it would be easy as fuck. I offered her some of the blow I had stashed and something to eat. She accepted and we got high as balls. I told her that she was gonna have to give me that sweet lil pussy whether she liked it or not. When she tried to say no I kicked her in her fucking face and offered her another bump of coke. Her lips was busted and her cheek had a gash from my heel but she took the drugs. After her line I began to take her top off and slide her panties down. Her body was amazing! Perky tits, fat ass, great chocolate skin, and a clean bald coochie. She tried to push my hand away when I began to finger her pussy so I punched her until she fell to the ground then continued to finger fuck her super tight snatch. I put my pussy in her face and made her lick it until I squirted all over her face. My cum went up her nose and down her throat making her choke on my liquids. When she tried to cry I slapped her in the face and gave her a couple pills to pop. Molly, Xanex, and a couple Percs  had her rolling for the night. I was able to put objects from around the room in her cunt and made like two grand from tricking her ass out. That little slut got her ass beat and so drugged up that she was at my mercy. That bitch NEEDED me for drugs, food, and money all weekend. I dominated over her so good that in return Daddy gave me six 8balls and a night off!

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