BBC Sex Stories Of The South

BBC sex stories

I have some of the wildest BBC sex stories in the South.  My latest fuck filled adventure happened a few days ago when Big Mack and I decided to take a little road trip.  We went down some back roads and ended up in some sort of fucked up redneck paradise.  Big Mack got that crazy as fuck look in his eyes and I saw his anaconda twitch in his pants so I knew that shit was about to get real fucking interesting.  He pulled his truck over at some backwards ass store flying a bunch of confederate flags and told me firmly that we were going inside.  

When we walked in, the scrawny skank at the register stayed completely silent and eyeballed us really hard as we took a quick look around at all of the southern pride for sale.  We walked up to the counter and were greeted with a thick string of tobacco spit splattering at our feet.  The lanky  yokel wiped his mouth and said “Ah don’t thank you’s sposed ta be here, boy.” and Mack fucking snapped.  I’m telling you, this is one of the craziest BBC sex stories ever!

BBC sex stories

He grabbed the little bare-boned bigot by the back of his neck and forced him into the backroom.  I locked the front door to make sure we didn’t have any surprise interruptions then followed the soon to be close friends.  By the time I got back there Mack already had the dip spitting dipshit face down on the couch ripping his pants off and telling him how he’s going to take hundreds of years of oppression out on his puckered prejudiced asshole.  He screamed into the cushion as Mack shoved his thick fingers into his tight little ass, cramming them in hard to stretch that rectum out in preparation for his knuckles.  He’s a working man with wide, calloused hands so when his knucks finally popped past that intolerant, shit crusted rim the hillbilly hollered like he was giving birth.

Mack pounded that hicks hiney with his monstrous hands for an hour straight, punching his prostate over and over, forcing orgasm after excruciating orgasm on the stupid fuck.  Once his arm was tired, Big Mack whipped out his massive mahogany meat and jammed it into the wimps anti-black asshole.  He fucked his prolapse like it owed him money, with long forceful strokes that caused the cunt to squeal with every painful pound.  He blew his hot load deep in that white boy’s colon then pulled out and made me suck all of the nasty goop off of his magnificent cock.  

I told you I have some crazy ass BBC sex stories.  One thing’s for sure…  That prejudiced prick now has no doubt that black cocks splatter.

BBC sex stories

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