BBC Sex Stories: My Daughter’s First Dark Meat Special

BBC sex stories trashy momWhen my daughter was first starting to fuck, I had concerns like any momma does. As a parent you worry about your offspring; you want nothing but the best for them. The guys she was banging as a young teen were not worthy of her tight pink snatch. Pathetically average cocks. Nothing to brag about. Nothing that would ruin a fuck hole. Nothing that could likely give her the kind of pleasure she deserves. So, I had to have a little conversation with her about big black cock. She was hesitant at first, so was I at that age, but trailer park whores cannot shy away from Nigger dick I told her.

I arranged a friendly meet and greet for her with one of my fuck buddies, Freddie. I don’t only fuck black cock, but he only fucks white pussy. The younger the better. My introduction was not solely maternal. Freddie had the best crack in town too. I exchanged my teen daughter’s twat for drugs. When Heidi saw his dick she was in shock and awe. He stood behind her and let his anaconda flop out. Not only did his dick fall over her shoulder, but it went all the way down to her boob. Most cocks barely hit your shoulder, let alone cascade down your chest.

big dick sucker trailer whoresHeidi was big black cock curious now. She wanted to see if she could handle that serious piece of dark meat. And Freddie of course wanted her pink bald tight cunnie. Win win for me. I of course had to coach her in the proper handling of sizeable meat. Luckily, Freddie brought a few cock models for me to demonstrate with. I got down on my knees to show her how to swallow a sword. With a tree trunk you need two hands to grip it while working it in your mouth. Then you have to relax your throat muscle and tilt your head back so your throat expands. She gagged something fierce as that beef stick was crammed down her throat. For a moment I thought she was going to hurl. I had to help her, so I held her hair back , shoving her slowly inch by inch down his freak of nature cock. She was slobbering, chocking, eyes were bugged out. It was a hot sight.

white trash phone sex double penetration whoreBefore long she was sucking solo. My cock models wanted to show her how a whore takes Nigger cock up her fuck holes, so they tag teamed me in front of her as she was still blowing Freddie. Before long, he was giving her the fuck of her young life; the fuck that every other fuck would now be compared too. I was so proud of my baby girl. She was gonna make a great black cock whore. Freddie loved how pink and tight her holes were; they were significantly less tight after being pounded by a monster cock, however. After fucking her ass and cunt, he decided he wanted to explode in her mouth. We are both cum guzzling sluts, so I told my cocks to pull out of my old holes and double decker my mouth with that dark meat. Cum was leaking out of both our mouths, and that was just from pre cum! By the time those anacondas exploded, it looked like a fire hose of cum was doused on us.

Maybe some girls don’t enjoy facials, let alone extreme facials, but the gutter sluts we are, we slurped up all that jizz, after snowballing it for a few to savor it. I’ve been supplying my daughter with Nigger dick ever since. I can supply you with it too if you want. For your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend, even yourself! Find out why folks say “once you go black you don’t go back,”

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