BBC Sex Stories Galore

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I am often full of bbc cum too. Friday night I always hustle at the truck stop. Friday night is my night there because that is when so many black truckers camp for the night at the Loves. I put on my Daisy Dukes, a tube top and high heels. I shake my ass up and down the rows and hop from cab to cab. The black truckers love me. They love watching a skinny blonde cougar take their big fat beef sticks. I should be a BBC porn star. I look like an older version of all those skinny young blonde trailer park whores getting split in two by big black cocks. I was riding Big D’s monster cock when some other black truckers came knocking on his truck. They wanted in on the action. I will be a gangbang whore for black guys any night. I may be thin, but I do not break. I can take a pounding. And Friday night, I took 6 big black cocks. Sometimes, I had 3 at a time. They all got to fuck me several times. All came in at least two of my holes, with some coming three times in a hole. I was a sticky mess. Maybe some girls would want to shower after that. Not me. It is my whore badge of honor. I love being covered in cum. I did not come home until the sun was coming up. I teetered home covered in cum, smelling like Crown Royal and coked up. I was still horny. The truckers had to sleep some before hitting the road. They could not keep up with me. No one can. I called my daughter. She is as close as it gets to keeping up with me. She came over and ate my cum filled cunt. We partied and around noon we finally crashed. I love my life as a lot lizard whore.

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