BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesI stand over top of you Straddling your face. When my boyfriend walks in and picks me up by my waist PLacing me on his BBC. Travis is surprised and excited all at the same time just waiting for those balls to be dragged across his face. My boyfriend sticks that big throbbing cock inside of my pink wet shaved pussy making me buckling me down to my knees at this point. Travis is getting exactly what he wants my pussy in his face and my man’s black balls across his chin. Travis can’t wait for him to fill me up so he can eat All that cum out of my cunt. Travis asked for some more but this time he wanted straight from the dispenser so my man lays down on Travis’s face sticking his BBC in his mouth and starts Fucking his face. I’m playing with Travis’s balls making sure he loosens up those throat muscles as I push my man making him swallow that dick pushing it further and further down his throat until he busts all in his mouth filling it up to where it’s gripping to the side. I and my man have a lot of fun before they just become BBC sex stories

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