BBC BJ Training With Brats

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I’ve got eight brats at home to feed, though I make the sluttiest of them earn their own keep. I’ve been training them since they were just tots bobbing around delightedly. Cocks filled their mouths to muffle any complaint as my sick Pclients took advantage of their young little bodies. Today, I was teaching them how to blow a perfect job all over a cock!

I had nine throbbing BBC’s lined up in my living room. I knelt in front of mine, my little angels surrounding us like flies upon honey. I started my sticking the entire BBC right down my fucking sick druggy Mommy throat. My young sluts tried to follow suit, but it was so difficult for their small throats to swallow all that cock. They were gagging all over, and choking, but some lessons in life are hard.

Their big chocolate men grabbed them by the heads, and kept forcing their heads down. Some of them passed out, and awoke to a thick cock being rammed inside of their asses. Mommy always has to make a lesson out of things, especially when each of these cocks paid two grand to be here. Time to move us to the city where Mommy can whore us al lout to the PWolves of Wall Street.

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