Baste Me Like a Turkey Please?

Creampie Slut

This thanksgiving I’ll be the turkey on someone’s table! While I was stripping, I got asked to come to a client’s house for a paid gig, he asked me to come dressed as a sexy maid. When I showed up to the house all dressed up in my French maid outfit, I thought I would be doing some light sexy cleaning. I had no idea what this client had in mind for me! He watched me parade around in my sexy outfit for a while before he told me to strip naked, after that he asked me to position myself on his dining room table as if I were a turkey. I did my best to lay there prone and shaped like a bird, soon his guest came in and to my surprise I was surrounded by hard cock! They began to jerk in front of me, my pussy was throbbing and before I knew it, I was being covered in their hot loads, over and over… they basted me like a real turkey!!!

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