Bad Kitty


Cum guzzling slut

I like to fuck I’m a nasty cunt I really just love to get wild. You can call me baby, or you can call me bitch I don’t give a fuck I’m about to take some cock. I love cock in the morning before I get up brush my teeth with a cock head. I love to swallow that cock early in the morning and take it down my throat. I really know how to suck a dick so well, and I’m your bitch your tramp I love it I want it I need it I really really do. I adore being the victim of your sex games, I know you really recognize how to fuck better than most and I want you to shove your cum guzzling cock inside of my cum filled pussy. I want you to grasp a hold of me and mount my ass just like Red Rover give me your rocket, let me feel it. I want your throbbing cock so bad I want it right now. Cutie little Susie she’s nothing like me she gets offended whenever you breathe she acts like everything you do is wrong, she’s not the one you want to be with. Your girlfriend’s boring she’s fucking trifling and stupid, oh my God you are wasting time with her. I am everything you want you don’t have to worry about being bored with me. You’re going to have a real God damn good time with me I promise, I’m going to make sure of it. Don’t you want these big ole titties in your mouth right now, bite my nipple it feels intoxicating, suck these titties fuck this pussy I need you I’m begging please. I’m nothing like your girlfriend I promise you I am not I can make it better for you. I can make you moan with your cock in my mouth. When my pussy grabs a hold to your cock and start hugging tight. Kiss me lover forget about your girlfriend she doesn’t mean anything at all. Forget her remember me my high heels I want you-you like the six inches the red bottoms I get real naughty in them too. I will call you sexy daddy because you’re the one you’re everything I’ve always needed. I want you to jump inside my bones and really give me your mistreatment. You know you want to your girlfriend’s boring come on let’s get exciting I promise. You haven’t fucked a bitch like me, yet you’ve been missing out I know.

No taboo phone sex


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