Naughty Sex Therapist

Sloppy wet pussy


Let’s play Naughty sex Therapist tonight. I walk into your office a wreck because of my behavior the thing I did last night I need an emergency therapy session. You’ve always been there for me I’ve been in therapy now for 5 years, and I’ve always been able to depend on you to listen to my activities and give me objective thought. Somehow tonight is different I don’t know if you have been drinking or doing some type of mind-altering drug, but you’re more lucid. You invite me to your office, ask me to lay down on the couch and begin talking. I start telling you my issue of the day. I close my eyes because you know that’s always been more comfortable for me seeing as though I feel so ashamed looking out into the world as I divulge my vulgar sexual situations. You understand of course I guess it’s your job and you’re very good at it, it’s one of the reasons why I trust you so much. As I said though you’re different tonight so when I close my eyes and start to tell you about how I went to a club A Gentleman’s Club, I told you how I when into the VIP section and behaved, to say the least. I noticed heat on my body, but I thought it was me, so I refuse to open my eyes. All of a sudden your lips touch my nipples through my t-shirt, my nipples became instantly hard, you started to softly bite them my pussy was so wet. I didn’t open my eyes I have to admit I just didn’t want you to stop. This was the first time that you had ever done something like this in all of the five years I’ve been coming to you, I’ve had fantasies about it but while it was happening it was so lucid. You ripped my t-shirt and started engulfing my breasts into your mouth your warm hot tongue circling my nipples your teeth gently biting them made my pussy jump. When you took your hand and went into my panties and shoved your finger into my cum guzzling cunt that instantly made me feel animalistic, and then the therapy session begins.

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