Back to School FUN!

2 Girl phone sexI remember my first year away from home living on campus and I couldn’t wait. No more sneaking chicks in and out of the basement. No more jerking off to silent porn so my parents can’t hear me. No more authority I finally get to enjoy life as an adult. At least till I met my dorm director, this bitch was worse than mom. She had so many rules, no guest after certain times, no loud music, and no pornography. What the fuck, this isn’t going to work. I’m going to have to send her a message that me and rules don’t go so well together. While she was scolding some poor girl about the marijuana leaves on her shirt I swiped her phone from her jacket pocket. I had an idea to bring I the new school year just right.

2 Girl phone sexThat night I took her phone and called Constance off some familydesiresphonesex web site. She talked to me for hours about how she liked to fuck her family. Constance is fucking WILD! She like to get fucked by multiple cocks at once. She told me how she would get passed around, fuck her three holes at once, and make her go ass to mouth just to get her off. Constance then played with her juicy pussy for me right next to the receiver so I could hear the juices from those lips. We must have spoken for about 5 hours. By the end she had me jerking off and I shot my load all over the dorm director’s phone. Then when my bill came in for the Credit card I could prove it was her number that called. She was shamed right out of a job! So I got the best call of my life and got rid of a bitch! That was the best money I have ever spent! Every year when back to school comes around I think of that. Get fucking turned on and have to call Constance again! She is still there! And still worth EVERY penny. Hell now they even have specials! I am so fucking lucky!

2 girl phone sex

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