Bachelor party

live phone sexI did a bachelor party as a favor to a friend, she didn’t want her fiance to have some rando stripper doing dirty things and tempting him. I guess she figured I was the safe one? I don’t know what she was thinking honestly because I am one hell of a whore and she knows that! I’ve even fucked him before but I guess she probably didn’t know that. Anyway, I stripped for all those guys and it just turned me on bad. Seeing all those hard cocks had my pussy gushing and all I could think of was fucking them. I did too, every single one of them including the groom to be. I know if my friend finds out she will probably be all mad and shit but honestly it’s her own fault. She should never have asked me to strip for them!

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    • Nil on September 26, 2020 at 7:59 am
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