Anything goes

No taboo phone sex

My pimp daddy once told me that anything must go when it comes to fucking. He said I have to be willing to do just about anything in order to get top dollar. I do what I am told. Just last night I had a room full of white wealthy cocks in my mouth. One by one they were lined up to have a turn with my tongue swirling around each mushroom head. I giggled and swallowed their dicks like I had no tonsils. Each one hitting the back of my throat so hard I almost couldn’t breathe. I then let all 4 guys cum all over my face at the same time. I opened my mouth wide so they could shoot their hot milk inside. I love to be covered in cum. It makes me feel like I have won a noble prize. My job is to make you nut and make you nut really, really, really hard. Whip out your dick and let my tongue work your dick!

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