Anal Gape From The Plumber

Crack Whore Anal

As the seasons change I can’t help but feel so fucking horny that all I can think about is getting my ass gaped! As I get ready for my shift at the bar I’m doing shots of whiskey and a few lines of coke to get me excited to dance. I hear a knock at the door and when I open it I see the sexiest maintenance man I have ever seen, he is tall and I can see his big fat cock in his jeans already. I tell him to come in and I grab my best lube for what I know is about to happen. While he is checking out my clogged sink I take the lube and oil up my ass for him to see as soon as he turns around. I bent over the couch and showed him my tight little asshole, I told him “I need you to lay some pipe over here…” It was only a moment or two before I felt the head of his thick cock rubbing against my ass, I screamed as he pushed deep inside me until he bottomed out. He pounded me like he hated me and the stretch was incredible, my pussy squirted without one single touch.

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