Anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

I have been going to the gym to workout a lot. I finished my workout full of sweat today. I went to the showers to rinse my body off. As I was getting completely naked and under the shower head to let the water fall on my body, I was greeted by a man. Well I was more so greeted by his man pole.

I fell to my knees and hands so quickly I didn’t even get a good look at who or what I was dealing with. I shrieked when he rammed a hard 8 inch cock that was thicker then a TV remote straight into my shit hole. The pressure was intense. My knees and hands were starting to get marked up each time he rammed his cock further into me. I was trying so hard to keep my balance and stable myself.

I felt his man sausage tense up and all of his veins grow with that last thrust. He exploded his seamen load all in my ass. He filled my ass all the way up with that cum, and I felt it pour out of my ass. He was some kind of man because I was not done being his anal cum dumpster.

He grabbed me up to my feet and forced the front of my body to the wall. The wall was so cold on my nipples. He spread my ass cheeks wide with his hands and again he shoved his cock so far into me I thought it was going to come out my mouth. My ass was getting blotchy red as his stomach and balls kept hitting It with each pound. To my surprise he came inside of my ass again. He filled me all the way up to where I couldn’t walked without all of his cum dripping down my ass crack.

He then blind folded me and got me dressed. He asked if I was hungry. I replied with a yes.  He took me to his car and told me I was going to be his dirty little secret that he filled up with cream. I can not wait to taste his deliciousness!  

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