Anal Cum Dumpster Training

anal cum dumpster

I love being an anal cum dumpster. When I was a young little hooker for my parents, guys loved fucking my bottom. I hated it. It hurt. You would think hating anal sex as a young girl, I would grow up to hate it still. Not the case. I can have my ass fucked all day. Here is the thing about ass sex. I can be on my period or knocked up and still take cock up my ass. You can have 12 inches of rock hard cock and get it all up my ass. You don’t hit internal organs up my ass. The sky’s the limit in my asshole, so to speak.  I have been teaching my youngest daughter how to be an anal sex whore like me and her sisters. I have been using toys on her baby butt hole in preparation for daddy’s dick. She is the only ass virgin left in the house. She has been telling me she wants a cock up her butt like me and her big sisters. She was literally asking for it. She was sucking her brother’s cock as I fingered her asshole today. She paused for a moment and turned to me. She said, “Mommy, I want something bigger.” She always gets what she wants. She is the princess of this house. I put my favorite glass dildo up her young rosebud and she was purring in delight. Clearly, I waited too long to train her on how to be an ass whore.

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