Anal Cum Dumpster : The Life of Blossom

Anal Cum Dumpster

I live for wild nights spend spreading my ass and sucking cock! As a stripper and a white trash anal cum dumpster I am up late most nights, I have long shifts that start in the evening going on until early morning so I don’t get much done during the days but sleep. I begin my day when I wake up around 4pm with a line of coke or meth, whichever is left over from the party the night before. I take a long hot shower and get dressed in my sluttiest bad girl clothes so I can make lots of tips behind the bar at the club. I make sure to show some extra tits and ass so I can get my money as a bartender, If we are short a girl on the pole I make sure I have my cute lingerie to change into so I can dance and make more tips. Most nights I end up fucking at least one guy at the bar in the back, they ask for a private lap dance and I know what they mean. I show them the back room where we have a couch, his cock is already so hard through his jeans I can see that he won’t need much to push him over the edge. I sit on his lap and he says “I want to fuck that fat ass of yours” I blush as I pull down my g-string, he spits in his palm and starts massaging his cock, It’s huge and I know its going to stretch my little ass hole. I feel the large mushroom head of his dick pushing against my ass as he feels how tight I am. He spits on his cock some more before grunting loudly as he grabs my hips and slams me down on his fat dick. I scream, I feel my ass bleed a little and my pussy starts to throb. I feel him thrust into my tightness once, twice, three times before my ass is filled with his hot sticky load of cum. He makes me his anal cum dumpster and I love the feeling of being used like a good little stripper slut.

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