Anal Cum Dumpster Teen Punished!

Anal cum dumpsterI had her cunt stretched around the biggest, blackest dildo I could find. She’d gone off without permission with some strange guy I’d never met, and let him fuck her in the ass. By the time we found her, I was frantic, and the guy has been banned from the club. But, the damage was done. Her little ass hole was stretched to fuck. Young teen phone sexSo, I forced the only punishment I could really think of on her. I forced her to stretch that tiny, tight little cunt down over the biggest fucking dildo I could find, and made her slowly work it as deep as she could manage. Then, I made her fuck it. I sat back and fingered myself watching that tight little cunt stretch to hell and back under that gaping little ass hole. Watching the skin suction itself to the dildo every time she would pull up off it was so fucking hot, and I found myself enjoying her punishment more and more. Unfortunately, she was starting to enjoy it, too, which meant time for a change. I pulled the dildo off her, laid her down, and covered her face with my cunt. I forced her lungs to the brink again and again, smothering her over and over, until she made me cum. THEN, and only then, I let her back up. I bet that ass won’t disappear anymore!

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