Anal Cum Dumpster on Trash Day

anal cum dumpsterBeing someone’s anal cum dumpster makes my little clit tingle and jingle like it’s Christmas morning. Rubbing my clit to ease the initial pain of that big hard cock’s head crowning my small, tight asshole.  Oh how it hurts, but I love the pain, I love that big dick making me clench my fists as my whole body tenses up.  Deeper you thrust that cock. Deeper and harder. Inch by inch you slowly disappear.

Disappear in my ass is what you do.  I can feel your balls swinging back and forth on my taint as you start fucking my ass harder andanal cum dumpster faster.  Grabbing my tits from behind, you are at it full force.  Hardcore anal sex by this point as you ignore my screams of pain and keep at it, your eye is on the prize. The prize of your huge throbbing cock throbbing that milky white cum out. The feeling of pleasure and pain is unreal.  My pussy is dripping wet and I am shaking. In almost in a convulsion like state.  My whole body starts to feel euphoria coming over me as I feel your cock getting harder and harder.

My pussy can almost feel your cum inside there. Like it’s the only way it ce                                                                                                                                                                                                                  omes out is if it’s squirting in my ass. I am clenched onto your cock so tight that you have no choice but to shoot that creamy load up deep in me. I’m not letting you out until I get every last drop of that juice in me.  I want your cum and I want it now.  I feel you start to tense up, you grab me tighter, squeezing my shoulders as you ram my cunt with that nice huge cock.

I start to feel the warmth in my ass as you fill me up with your cum.  I love being your anal sex little whore. Can I be yours now?

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