Anal Cum Dumpster Girls

anal cum dumpster

I was an anal cum dumpster this weekend. What did you do?  My daughters had a party Friday night. It was a mix party which means boys and girls; varying ages too, but all in school still. I spiked the punch with some Spanish Fly. That gets everyone in the mood for my kind of party. There were some young girls there too, friends of my youngest daughter. I was in one of my wild moods. I wanted the boys to fuck the girls. I wanted young girls to get their anal cherries popped. My anal cherry was long gone before I was their age. You can send a young girl home with a violated ass and parents never notice. The ass is an elastic muscle that goes back into shape with an ice pack easily. At worst, the parents think she got constipated. The Spanish Fly mixed with Benadryl erases memories. I had fun being the dirty director of teen sluts fucking. Horny boys of any age will insert their dick into anyone or anything that feels tight. Any port in the storm as the saying goes. It was a wicked hot jail bait orgy. When little girl butt holes were worn out, this hot mommy was ready for some anal action. I bent over to take a horde of teen cocks up my well fucked ass. I showed those young girls how to butt fuck. Too bad I am the only one who will remember what a wicked hot time we had. My husband filmed it, so perhaps in the near future, I will remind them what dirty little fuckers they all were at my place.

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