anal cum dumpster for the truckers

anal sex whoreIt was trailer trash Tuesday, and all the truckers were out trying to score some booze and food. It was a pit stop, but all the sluts came right along for a good time. I had taken advantage of the new stripper poles that had been installed. I was scouting out the man that would undoubtedly make me his anal cum dumpster for the night. I was jonesing for coke and cock — two of the wonders of the world.

I got right on the pole let my body lose control to the beatbox and started to unhook my halter top. I was in for some fun. All the men were interested in the big tit brunette. My eyes were laser focused on one of the tweakers from out of town. I knew he had a large stash of every drug under the sun. I didn’t have to work too hard to garner his attention. I left with him and got my drugs and cock. I was an anal cum dumpster all night for him. It felt so good to sell my twat for a couple of bucks. I knew he was going to give me more coke.

I had my eyes on the heroine stash he had. The only way I could get a piece of that was if I brought a younger friend for the ride. I had the perfect victim. My young cousin was fresh-faced and willing to do whatever her cool older cousin asked of her. I went ahead and scooped her up. I gave her up to the trucker, and together we fucked her innocent holes. I never thought a drug binge would have me selling my precious cousin for some nose candy and cum. I am one sick slut and don’t foresee myself changing my ways. I am content being a trainwreck.

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