Anal Cum Dumpster Cougar

anal cum dumpsterI’m such an anal cum dumpster this morning. Hell I was  just a cum dump period. Why? Because I partied my ass off like a dirty old broad last night. A bunch of boys and a bowl of coke is how I spent my Friday night. Is there any other way? Coke and cum is my drink of choice. I started with a few lines off of coke of the coffee table. Then I started doing lines of coke of my son’s cock. That led to more cokes, which led to chugging cum. Boy cum. It is the best. It really is all the protein I need in my diet. My son and I were playing solo at first, but as I was blowing him, he was texting his friends and putting pictures of me giving him head on Snap Chat so other boys would come over too. I love modern technology. I am not social media savvy, but I am dick savvy, so the fact that one picture can bring a bus load of boys for me to blow is amazing to me. Social media and apps bring the dick to me. They use to say a picture was worth a 1,000 words. Now, thanks to Snap Chat, a picture is worth a 1,000 loads of cum. I’m so grateful that the younger generation appreciates a cum dumpster cougar.

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