Anal cum dumpster Carrie needs to get fucked!

Anal cum dumpster

I am such a anal cum dumpster, I always need it up the ass! Last night I got bored, so I decided to go see a movie. It was perfect, I was the only girl in the theater surrounded by horny older men! Once the flick started playing, four men surrounded me with their hard cocks out. It made me so wet just thinking of the disgusting things I was going to do with these men. I pulled up my skirt, playing with my pussy, teasing the fucks. I could see how their hard cocks oozed with excitement. One of the men grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to him. He wrapped his huge hand around my throat and kissed me passionately. I felt hands all over my body and inside my holes. The man pushed me down on my knees and rammed his 14 inch cock down my throat. I choked so hard on that cock I thought I was going to lose consciousness. He shot the biggest load I ever had! It was amazing, I swallowed every last drop like the good cum guzzling whore I am! He bent me over the seat and started stuffing my ass with that fat cock. I opened my mouth to scream and I got another dick shoved in my mouth. I could tell the other two were getting restless and wanted a turn, so I waved them over for some DP! Holy fuck, did I get wrecked! I managed to get two large cocks in my mouth, one cock up my ass and the other in my pussy. They fucked me so hard and I loved every second of it. The two cocks in my mouth were about to burst, so they pulled out and slapped the shit out of me with their dicks, cum exploded all over my chest and face. I rubbed that spunk all over my face and tits, it made me cum so hard! I came over those dicks that were deep inside my pussy and ass, I squeezed my muscles tighter and they couldn’t hold off any longer. I was dripping with so much cum. I think I will go to the movies more often!

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