Anal cum dumpster barely remembers last nights party

I woke up feeling like a used up Anal cum dumpster. Well, I don’t care because I get paid for it. What I remember is that I was getting drunk and high, and I met a few perv daddies. “We buy whores like you houses” he joked. “Whores like me love money and drugs” I said while winking at him. Then he quickly pulled out a baggie of blow and a wad of cash. “As long as you will take any cock I say” he laughed. Right away I dumped some blow on my drug plate and did a few fat lines. Then I started stripping for these party sugar daddies.

“That’s right, show me what my money gets me” he said while throwing some more money at me. “Get on your knees and show us what your slut mouth can do” he demands. Since I did so much blow so quickly, I didn’t care what I was doing, and my throat was numb. Therefore, I took turns sucking them all off. I figured that if I gave them the time of their lives, they would come to party with me often and bring their fat wallets. After a few of their cocks started to leak some thick pre-nut.

Anal cum dumpster

They had an idea. “Let’s see who can last the longest in her asshole. First sugar daddy stood behind me rubbing blow on my asshole as they all cheered on. Then he tried to pound my ass like he was young. But he quickly learned that when I am on blow, I bounce my ass hard and fast. That was all it took, he started pumping my asshole with his sperm just after a few minutes. “I’m going to last longer than you did” someone said as I busted down a few more lines of my favorite nose candy.

One after the other stuffed my asshole with their cock and creampied it, writing down how long it took. After the last one they announced the winner. “You get to keep the whore for the rest of the weekend” they said to the winner. Then handed me another fat wad of cash and left. I made more to be a Trailer trash whore for the winner than I did to get my ass fucked by all of them. But I was high, so I didn’t care or would barely even remember. When I woke up my ass was sore and still dripping with cum. 

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